Sunday, April 17, 2011







Some random photos from our cruise to Mexico. Rich loved to watch Fox News with his Diet Coke. I loved to swim in the pool. The first few days the heater in the pool was broken so I had the pool to myself. It was like a Polar Bear plunge! And once my hands actually went spastic. But the hot tub was right there to warm me up.

We drove to San Diego and were able to see Ben, Mandi and Ryker on the way down, and the way back.
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In Puerto Vallarta I decided to try parasailing. It was "only" $35 dollars, and what a thrill it was. They hooked me up to a harness and attached a rope to me that was attached to a boat out in the water and screaming all the way up I went. The views were awesome, and once I got up not scary at all. And Rich was wondering where the boys got their love of crazy and adventurous things. The rest of that afternoon we spent laying on the beach. Well, Rich did. I swam in the ocean! Then we headed for a short walk back to the cruise ship for more good food!
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Rich and I took a cruise out of San Diego for Spring Break. We cruised on Holland for a week and went to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. Cruising is the way to go! All you can eat, someone takes care of everything for you. Fun!
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas photos

Kevin got to spend two weeks at home. Nellie got to come and visit us too!

Basic Training photos

A few photos from Kevin's basic training.

Kevin's graduation from Basic Training

Wild Animal Park

One of the fun things we did on graduation day was to go to the Wild Animal Park. The animals would come up to the car and slobber all over the windows and stick their heads in if the windows were open. It was so funny! I have so really good photos on the iphone. Darn it having 2 cameras. I should stick to one! We loved driving thru the park and feeding them.

We had a yummy dinner at Red Lobster before taking Kevin back to post.